ProductOutput PowerStandby PowerFoscVDDPower TubeQRLine OVPOTPOCPPackage
CRE6859VHD8 ≤40W<75mW 65KHZ8-80V Built-in MOSNo NoAdjust YesDIP-8
CRE6859VHS8 ≤22W<75mW 65KHZ8-80V Built-in MOSNo NoAdjust YesSOP-8
CRE6959UHxS8 ≤22W<75mW 65KHZ8-45V Built-in MOSNo NoInside YesSOP-8
CRE2269CS8 ≤65W<75mW 65KHZ8-45V External MOSNo NoInside YesSOP8
CRE68599Qx ≤36W<75mW 65KHZ8-29V Built-in MOSYes NoAdjust YesDIP-8
CRE2263P ≤65W<75mW 65KHZ8-29V External MOSNo NoAdjust YesSOT23-6
CRE2269PS8 ≤65W<75mW 65KHZ8-29V External MOSNo NoAdjust YesSOP-8
CRE6859 ≤36W<75mW 65KHZ8-29V Built-in MOSNo YesAdjust YesDIP-8
CRE6359F ≤36W<75mW 65KHZ8-29V Built-in MOSNo NoInside YesDIP-7
CRE69599 ≤36W<75mW 65KHZ8-29V Built-in MOSNo NoInside YesDIP-8
CRE62281 ≤65W<75mW 65KHZ8-29V External MOSNo NoAdjust YesSOT23-6
CRE65599 ≤36W<75mW 65kHz8~29V Built-in MOSNo NoInside YesDIP-8
CRE63599 ≤36W<75mW 65kHZ8~29V Built-in MOSNo NoInside YesDIP-8
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